Est. 2018

Melbourne, Australia

Lungmoss Records is a specialist independent record label and music PR agency based in Melbourne, Australia.  Founded in 2018 by Erica Bramham, Lungmoss represents a select roster of exceptional musicians, with a focus on music that sits somewhere outside the mainstream.

Lungmoss also provides PR services to self-managed musicians, assisting them in building their brand and revealing the artist behind the music through carefully crafted words, films and images.


About Erica Bramham

Erica began her career as an artist, studying a Diploma of Studio Textiles and Design at RMIT University, which she left unfinished for an opportunity to build puppets with a leading Australian contemporary theatre company.  The inevitable need to pay her bills led her to a series of administrative, office management and communications jobs, until she found her way into web development.  Erica spent five years working as a web developer and user interface designer before taking the leap back into full time study.  In 2016 she completed a Bachelor of Music with Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts, and now works as a freelance musician and composer. 

Erica's roundabout career path equipped her with a unique set of skills, both creative and practical, which she quietly put to good use self-managing her own music, and helping friends with their own music PR.  This experience now finds its natural home at Lungmoss, with Erica extending her expertise to Lungmoss artists and clients.